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The Logos COD leadership team is a committed group of volunteers who love God and God's people. 

Are you interested in volunteering with us? Send us a message below. 

Meet the Team

The Logos COD leadership team is a committed group of volunteers who love God and God's people. 

Are you interested in volunteering with us? Send us a message below. 

Elder Elect Charlie C. Grear, III

Elder - Elect  Charlie C. Grear, III  

Charlie C. Grear, III serves as  an executive leader providing support to the worship ministry, youth department and men's healing circle. Charlie desperately pursues opportunities for growth while also pulling out the best in those around him. Charlie's straight talk no chaser approach in ministering the word of God prompts the heart of unbelievers to run toward God. Charlie is a devoted husband and family man who thrives to  grow into all God has purposed for him to be. Charlie is anointed and appointed by God to restore conviction, revival and  prayer back to the house of God. God's approval of Charlie is  undeniable and irrevocable. He is God's choice! Submit a ministry request for Elder Grear by completing the form linked:

Kasadey Grear

Sis.  Kasadey Grear   

Kasadey Grear is the wife of Charlie Grear; a woman of grace, strength and humility. Kasadey serves in the capacity of church administrator and the executive assistant to the Senior Pastor. Kasadey  is diligent and consistent toward the things of God. Serving with joyful heart and creating a culture of  peace,  kindness and  genuine support for everyone.

Deacon Jasmin Matthews

Deacon Jasmin Matthews

Jasmin loves the things of God and is passionate about educating believers about the policies and social justice issues present in today's society. As leader of the Faith and Social Justice auxiliary, Jasmin  seeks opportunities empower believers about their rights as a citizen. Jasmin is also an intercessor and  supports every area of the ministry . Jasmin's daily pursuit for more of God  fuels his purpose of life and servitude.

Shaundelette Nelson

Dr.  Shaundelette Nelson

Dr. Shaun leads the Faith & Education auxiliary. Dr. Shaun is a doctoral nurse practitioner who is passionate about walking in the divine purpose and will of God. Dr. Shaun  supports the Ushers Ministry and serves as a  member of the intercessory team.  Dr. Shaun  is a mother who understands the significance of pouring knowledge into the next generation.

Mother Barbara Scott

Mother Barbara Scott

Barbara A. Scott, 'affectionately known to all' as Mother Barbara serves in the capacity of lead Usher. Mother Barbara is an intercessor at heart and committed steward to the house of God. Mother Barbara also provides support to the hospitality and welcome ministry. Mother Barbara is the church mother often found lending support, love and wisdom to those in need. Mother Barbara is intentional about making sure everyone has a safe place just for them.

Sister Jessica Smith & Brother Jerod Smith

Sis. Jessica & Bro. Jerod Smith

Jessica & Jerod lead the Marriage  Club  auxiliary. As a faithful wife and mom; Jessica  uses her professional expertise in the area of positive youth development to provide opportunities for youth to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Jessica identifies everyday issues and challenges youth face and use them to cultivate positive goals and aspirations within youth. Jessica pours her heart into serving and living to the glory of God.  Jerod serves as the head of Security and Safety. He is  gentle giant with a heart for God and family.  Jerod is also a devoted husband and father.  Jerod can be found serving in every area of the ministry whenever needed.  As head of security and safety, Jerod  promotes awareness of one's environment while  lending support  to community members searching for assistance during worship services.

Krystle D.  Hunter Veals

Sis. Krystle D. Veals

Krystle serves as a member of our executive leadership team, executive assistant and armor bearer to Pastor Scott and leads the Women of LOGOS dept. Krystle is a fireball for Christ with a genuine concern for the well-being of the body of Christ.  Krystle is a wife, community leader, advocate for quality education, author and entrepreneur. Krystle is full of joy about the things of God and this joy spills over to those she serves.

Quinton Veals

Dr. Quinton Veals

Dr. Quinton is a member of our executive team and leads the Fellaship Men's Ministry at LOGOS. He is a middle school teacher and youth mentor. Throughout the community, Dr. Q is known for serving the community with a huge heart for people. He is married to Sister Krystle Veals.

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