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The Greek word logos simply means “word.” Logos (λόγος, logos) is a concept word in the Bible symbolic of the nature and function of Jesus Christ. It is also used to refer to the revelation of God in the world.


You are welcome at LOGOS Center of Deliverance Ministries. 

We exist to...

Be a voice of spiritual and economic hope, encouragement and empowerment to people locally, nationally and around the world. 

Sundays at Logos

2:45 PM Prayer

3:00 PM Worship Service

Our Pastor

Nicole D. Scott

Pastor Nicole is a passionate about living a life that pleases God. With over 25 years in spiritual and community leadership, she prioritizes God's glory above anything else. Pastor Nicole has a heart for God's people, that goes beyond the four walls of the church. Edifying, equipping and empowering generations to impact communities is her God given assignment in the Earth. 

Pastor Nicole is a mother of one and lifelong resident of Baton Roue, Louisiana. She is excited to serve God's people!

Pastor Nicole D. Scott is the Senior Pastor and Founder of LOGOS Center of Deliverance Ministrie in Baton Rouge, Louisiana .
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